Atina, Ferment Fennel Catskill NY, 8 oz

Atina, Ferment Fennel Catskill NY, 8 oz

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A wild and eloquent ride, from tart to salty sweet through the channels of anis and complimentary spices, then back again! With an alchemical take, this Fermented and Preserved Fennel can be used as a savory or sweet topping to your year round dishes.

First, we ferment fresh Organic Fennel Bulbs (from Kitchen Garden Farm, Sunderland Ma.), in salt, sit them in big ceramic crocks for several weeks, adding 7 aromatic spices; and for the grand finale, the fermented and spiced Fennel is preserved in sugar. 

Ing: Organic Fennel Bulbs, Kosher Salt, Raw Sugar, Coriander, Cardamom, Anis, Cumin, Ajwan, Dried Ginger, Asafoetida (gf). 

Beyond the spoon: Harvest time pureed veggie soups, on Sardines or fish tacos, topped on roasted squash, mix it in mayo and drizzle on an entree, atop whipped cream and pie, in buttercream frosting!

Please let us know how you use it and we can add your flavor favorites to our repertoire!

Our Promise: Made with whole fruit root and spices. Naturally gluten free. Fermented and preserved without the use of vinegar or water. Traditional technique makes this product shelf-stable.

Product care: Always use a clean and dry spoon. Store in the refrigerator after opening for up to one year. 

Notes: ABOUT FENNEL -The Wonder Medicine - on our blog!